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Our New Digital Library


Additional Information

More than 14 years ago, the name "MARVEL!" was given to the online resources in Maine's virtual library. Over the past few years there have been a wide variety of dedicated people who provided input, suggestions and expertise on giving our online resources a new look. We wanted to employ some new technology, utilize the competitive bidding process to get more high quality content at a competitive price and give our resources the fresh look they deserved.  Through our strong partnerships with both Maine InfoNet and the University of Maine, and contributions by Bates, Bowdoin and Colby, the Digital Maine Library enables features and content that might otherwise not be available.The new website for the Digital Maine Library employs a variety of new technologies, new opportunities and a unique approach to accessing digital content - whether it is a database, online learning tool or other web-based resources.  The Digital Maine Library utilizes new geo-location/authentication technologies to help make access easier from home.  This technology will continue to improve over time and ensure that Maine citizens have an equal experience using the Digital Maine Library at home as well as in library buildings. 

Library Gets TV and Newspaper Coverage


Showcase of our Inside & Outside Projects this Summer

WAGM's Kathy McCarty did several segments for the news covering the construction of the steps and ramp, the weeding process, and the outreach to school children to increase the use of the library.  Here is a link to one of the segments.  Paula Brewer has just posted an article recognizing the students who volunteered this summer at the library.  Washburn District High School implements new volunteer program  

Memorial List Updated


Special Gifts of Remembrance

Thank-you for supporting the library through your gifts.  If you have read the County article or saw the article in the Star Herald, you will know that we have weeded many out-of-date books that have not been checked out for many years.  If the book was a memorial book, a virtual memorial list is now on the library website.  You will be able to see the hundreds of people who have generously supported our library over the years, the person they were remembering, and the title of the book.  It is hard to remove books, but right now we actually do not have any room at all to shelve new books.  A librarian has a circular job of selecting new books for patrons, displaying books that will attract attention, and removing old books that are no longer current or in disrepair.  

What a Celebration!


Community members honor their beloved librarian

From 4:00 - 7:00 p.m., our newly christened Barbara Porter Meeting Room was filled with laughter and celebration as family and friends came to pay tribute to a very special librarian.  Enjoy the pictures from the event!

No More Fines!


on books, audiobooks & magazines

We don't want you to worry any more about an overdue book.  Sometimes it is hard to finish that book in a 2 week period.  That's ok!  Just return it in a timely manner and check out your next read.

Seniors at the Library


A group of seniors who meet monthly at the Rec Center were at the library today.  They found there were some good reasons to stop by the library.  They had a chance to explore the new website, learned how to use the online catalog, and also had a look at the Cloud Library.  We took a look at the large print books and audio books available.

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