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Washburn Memorial Library 

February Offering~ Blind Date with a Book:

We have wrapped 20 new books with a description to entice the reader on a “Blind Date” with a book of their choice + chocolate & tea treat bag!  

$10 per book, while supplies last.

Blind Date with Book.jpg
Blind Date with Book 2.jpg

Check out CloudLibrary!

No matter where you are in Maine,

you're always at the library!

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What in the world would we do without our libraries?
~Katharine Hepburn


Hot Cocoa Bomb.jpg


$5 each, 20 available with various mugs & styles/flavors of Hot Cocoa Bombs.
You can choose your Cocoa Bomb - 
first come, first pick!

Sign up now to reserve your Cocoa Bomb.
Ready for pick up Thursday, January 19th.

Great libraries make great communities.

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