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Washburn Memorial Library Memorials & Gifts   

Thank you to everyone who has given so generously to our

Memorial Fund.  These gifts are listed by year.


In loving memory of Rosalvo “Ross” Delbert McKenna. Given by Auntie Kate, Uncle Andrew, Carson, and Abby Lou:

  • I'll Love you Till the Cows Come Home, by: Kathryn Cristaldi

  • Goodnight, Tractor, by: Michelle Robinson

  • This Farm is a Family, by: Dan McKernan

  • Garden Time, by: Jill McDonald

  • First Christmas on the Farm, by: Holly Berry-Byr

  • Big Red Barn, by: Margaret Wise Brown

  • Farm Friends, by: Jack Redwing

  • Thank you Farm, by: Jade Orlando

  • A Christmas Wish, by: Beatrix Potter

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