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WML Knitting Group


As we shelter in place, we are looking for things to keep us busy.  Check out ideas at these sites and knit on!


Rita will offer suggestions

for each site.

If you have yarn (preferably bulky yarn) in your home and would like an easy introduction to finger knitting for you or your children, check out the finger knitting videos at Her first video demonstrates finger knitting a cable but she does not mention how to end it. So here it is: clip the yarn about six inches away from the knit cable then pull that strand through the last loop you made. Bella Luna Toys is a Maine business located in Rockland and the owner who creates the videos is a Waldorf teacher. The presenter has great things to say in support of teaching young children to finger knit. I love her approach.  I spent ten minutes teaching Cade who just turned seven and is left handed. He took off like a finger knitting a pro. It worked for him to attach his cable to a door knob once he got going then he just kept backing up to keep it taut while he worked on it. He now has a way to make any yarn/string much stronger.  Some finger knitting in this way will advance to finger knitting their finger knitting. Children are excited to teach others once they have mastered the simple instructions.