Library Director, Town of Washburn

Position Type: Non-MLS

  Library Type: Public

  Job Summary:

The Librarian, working under the general direction of the Town Manager and advice of the Library Board of Trustees, is responsible for planning, organizing, directing and coordinating all library functions.  The work involves carrying out  library policy as determined by the Board of Trustees.


The Library Director maintains a friendly, welcoming atmosphere; serves as chief information resource; community liaison; and Library administrator, assuming a wide variety of responsibilities including:

  • Direct and administer library policies, goals, programs, and regulations.

  • Inform Trustees of library legislation at State and Federal level, assist with long-range planning, and provide technical assistance.

  • Assume all administrative functions.  Oversee general operation of adult, young adult, genealogy and children’s services.

  • Maintain circulation system.

  • Maintain local contracts

  • Compile statistics for program attendance, circulation, overdues

  • Accept, acknowledge, and track donations and gifts.

  • Respond to mail and file necessary catalogs and informational materials

  • Create and arrange for displays / events.

  • Oversee building security and facility maintenance; maintaining a welcoming presence both inside and outside of the library.

  • Expect and maintain a high quality of work and harmonious relations among staff, patrons, & Trustees.

  • Recruit, select, and supervise volunteers.

  • Evaluate, maintain, and conduct collection development based on the WML Collection Development Policy.

  • Read reviews, select and purchase materials

  • Catalogue, create MARC Records, process and withdraw items

  • Maintain an inventory of current holdings

  • Prepare and present a budget request to the town

  • Prepare bills, petty cash, and receipt reports

  • Oversee grants

  • Recommend and direct library programs

  • Schedule library programs and outside group use of the facility

  • Evaluate changing community needs

  • Promote the Library

  • Represent the Library and speak to local organizations

  • Develop and maintain an active program of services and events

  • Maintain an active program of public relations using local news media, newsletters and brochures, and the Internet

  • Prepare regular reports to the Maine State Library, the town manager and Board of Trustees

  • Attend library conferences, workshops, NMLD Council Meetings

  • Make use of the services and consultants of the Northern Maine Library District and the Maine State Library


Requirements of Work:

  • Thorough knowledge of professional library principles, methods, materials, and practices

  • Thorough knowledge of reader interest levels and wide knowledge of books, fiction and non-fiction and online materials

  • Ability to prepare and present effectively, oral and written information materials related to the activities of the library

  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relations with community leaders, public officials, professional groups, and the general public

  • Ability to analyze operational and administrative procedures and problems to evaluate and balance community needs and expectations as to library services, and to modify organizational procedures to meet changing conditions

  • Ability to plan, lay out, supervise and prioritize the work of subordinates performing varied operations connected with library services

  Proposed Changes to the Jan 2004 Job Description; January 20, 2021