WML Board Agenda for 2021

Washburn Memorial Library

Board Agenda

March 4, 2021 at 6:30



Old Business:


  • Update on changes made in the past two months at the library

  • Things yet to do:

  • The wooden cabinet upstairs needs to be moved downstairs to the B Porter Room.

  • The white table/chairs in the B Porter room need to go into the children’s Room.

  • The large desk next to the door needs to go into the B Porter Room

  • The other very old desk needs to be advertised, given away, etc.

  • If this could be done in the next couple of weeks, then the space will be cleared for the new chairs from Plourde’s.

  • Also, once the desks are moved, the shelving could go down to the end of the room until sold/given away.

  • Update on new Library furniture

  • Update on Don Hanson’s Woodworking Club project for the library

  • Update on the expenditure of $1400 for books as indicated at our January meeting

  • Update on what Courtney Howe has been providing online

  • Should we continue curbside service only?

  • Reminder that we agreed in January to table the vote on our changes to the bylaws until we meet again in person.



New Business:

  • Thank you to Charlotte Griffin for her many years of service to the Library Board

  • Consideration of who might replace Charlotte on the Board

  • What should we do as a board to remember Charlotte’s mother?

  • Would the board consider donating three shelving units to the United Way bookstore at the mall?

  • Efforts made by Courtney to engage early primary students from school to visit the library

  • Would the Board consider hiring a Children’s librarian before we hire for Lois’s position?

  • Where are we advertising for Lois’s position?

  • Additional items of business?

  • Date of the next meeting – April 1 @ 

Current Board Members:

Appointed Annually:


Perham Bev Turner

Wade Heidi Silver


Appointed for 3-yr terms by Washburn Town Council:

Expiring 2021 Rita Kingsbury, Charlotte Griffin

Expiring 2022 Sue Brown, Londa Brown

Expiring 2023 Laurie Blackstone, Christina Maynard

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