Washburn Memorial Library Report for 2018


“Maine's public libraries are essential to supporting literacy, learning and meeting numerous community needs.”  Barbara Bush



The year of 2018 proved to be a very busy year for the Washburn Memorial Library. Many volunteers and board members worked at weeding the library. It is a process that many don't understand but is vital to keep the library current and meeting the needs of the community.  The shelves are not so crowded and the newer material is easier to identify. As a result to the weeding the board decided to establish a book store for the library.  It opened in December and is a source for some great books.  It is open the first and third Monday of each month from 5:00pm to 7:00pm. 


The library has a website now thanks to the diligent work of Londa Brown. Check it out sometime.    http://www.washburnlibrary.com


The board decided that the meeting room downstairs should be dedicated to Barbara Porter for her years of service in the library.  A celebration was held on May 7th. It was a wonderful event that was very well attended and it brought many people back to the library who had not been here for a long time. The Barbara Porter Community Room is well used throughout the year. Girl Scouts, Toddler Story Time, Book Club, Summer School programs, tutoring teachers, some craft classes, La Leche League  and computer training all use the room on a weekly and monthly basis. 


In June the work finally started on the new steps and ramp for the front of the library. Duane Thompson's Masonry did the concrete work, Brian Saucier Construction added the railing, and young people from Don Hanson's afterschool program landscaped and put in the new garden. The Sign Place produced a new sign for the library. All of this was accomplished through a grant from the King foundation. The library is now ADA compliant for the outside of the building.  You can see it progress on the website.


Girl Scouts met 24 times this past year with up to 8 girls attending. Story Time met 16 times with as many as 14 toddlers and babies in attendance. The La Leche League used the Barbara Porter Room 3 times in the last year. The WML Book Club started in February and met 7 times. The summer school program at the school came and used the Barbara Porter Room 8 times for a story and craft time relating to their study of Native Americans. Sarah Hatt brought her students from school to tour the library in May and the afterschool program children came for a tour of the library in the fall.


Washburn Memorial Library had 2,977 visitors this year. The public computers had 1,877 log ons by patrons this past year. In the near future the library will be required to have a device that will more accurately count internet usage. It will be able to count each time someone logs on even if they are outside of the building.  The board decided to not charge fines on books anymore and our monetary donations have increased as a result of that decision. 


Before school started in September a letter went home to all the elementary students in Washburn asking if they would like to have a library card with the public library. In cooperation with the school that was a great success as well over 100 new patrons were added to the database. We want to work with any teacher and group of students to support our town's education of its young people.


In December the library applied and was awarded a grant from the Maine Public Library Fund to start a Lego Program and it will be starting in the near future.


Thank you to the volunteers and board who helped to make this year a success.


Respectfully submitted,


Lois Walton

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Mission Statement

The purpose and function of the Washburn Memorial Library is to provide programs and elements that will enrich the community. 

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